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 WS screen printing services

 WS printing services


Transfers are a quick and easy method of applying designs to garments. If your design is photographic, or contains too many colours for traditional screen printing, then transfers can an ideal alternative.

To create a transfer, special inks are printed onto a backing sheet. The backing sheet is placed onto the garment and using pressure and heat, the image is transferred onto the material. New materials allow transfers to be produced for a wide-range of garments, from standard cotton, polyester & nylon mixtures, even the wickable mesh weaves of today's hi-tec sports clothes.

PROS - photographic quality, discount for volume

CONS - has to be produced in advance, not suitable for fleece, woollen or other heavily woven materials


Vinyl sheets, sometimes known as garment film, are incredibly thin sheets of plastic, that come in a wide assortment of finishes and colours.

A cutter feeds the sheets forward and backward while a tiny blade goes from side to side "drawing" a shape on the vinyl. When the cutting is finished, the material in the area out with the design is carefully peeled away, leaving the finished design on a backing sheet. This is pressed onto the garment with high heat and pressure.

Some vinyl can be washed at high temperatures, dry-cleaned and ironed directly onto. They come in a wide-range of finishes including metallic, glow in the dark, and flock.

PROS Great when you need individual details on a series of garments, have a short run, or quick turnaround is required.

CONS - Not suitable for photographic images, or very intricate designs. Comes in a finite range of colours.

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How to Customise Your Garments

We make this a simple process for you, no complicated online form for you to fill in, no editing logo formats or uploading images, just good old fashioned human customer service putting you first and making it easy for you!

Just follow this easy 1,2,3 and let our dedicated design team do all the work!


Order Your Garments Online

Add your garments to your cart and select "contact me to customise". Or simply call us on 0131 443 7266 and we will talk you though suitable products for your customised garments project. Your order can be placed over the phone if you prefer.

 WS screen printing services


Our Dedicated Design Team Will Contact You!

Our customer service design team will then contact you and talk you though all available options, such as logo type, position, size, colours; then give you advice on the best logo format to email us.

 WS screen printing services


We Send You a Photo Mockup Link to Approve and Purchase.

You will be sent a link with a mock up of your customised product for you to review and approve. It's a photorealistic artwork so you can judge how your logo will look when the garment is worn. You can then contact us to make changes and we will send modified artwork until you are happy.

Once you have approved a mock up, your order is placed and the job is processed and sent out to you by FedEx or local courier.

 WS screen printing services

Any Questions, Please Call Customer Care For Expert Advice 0131 443 7266

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