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A good embroidery can be a beautiful thing. It can take a logo or image and give it a shape & depth that regular printing can't achieve.

Taking a design and converting into the computer file required is a skilful one, requiring knowledge of the cloth being used, and how the layered threads can be shaped.

First the design is digitised - our designers take an image, and convert it into a fixed number of colours. Each colour is broken up into steps, and each step assigned a length and direction of stitch. This enables the designer to to give it a three dimensional appearance. Once the design is created, it is loaded into our faithful 8 head machine. Spools of thread are fed through the machine, the garments are locked in place beneath the waiting needles, and the design is re-created stitch by stitch onto up to 8 garments at a time.

To cover even a relatively modest area can sometimes require thousands of stitches, and it's not uncommon for an average breast print to be made up of tens of thousands of stitches, and use hundreds of metres of thread.

Embroidery is calculated on the number of stitches used, based on the overall size and density of the logo. Send us your image and we'll let you know how much it will be to get the image digitised and stitched.

PROS - Gives extra dimension to an image. Suitable for fleece and heavy-piled material. Once the design is digitised, there's no further costs and designs can be altered by simply changing the thread colour.
CONS - Not suitable for very large areas, initial set-up costs higher than other methods.

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